West Street School
30 West Street
Principal Nina W. McCarthy
Asst. Principal Danielle F. Ouillette
Staff 116
Teaching staff 56
Grades K-2

West Street School an elementary school that serves the Geneva City School District. It is located at 30 West Street and serves grades K through 2. The current principal is Mrs. Nina McCarthy, and the current assistant principal is Ms. Danielle Ouillette.


The school originally housed Grades K through 5 for students who lived within the area close to the school. In 2008-2009, the school began to transition to a school for grades K through 2, switching faculty and principals.

Selected former principalsEdit

Previous assignment and denoted in parentheses

  • Mr. George J. Abraham
  • Mr. Joseph L. DeMeis–1999-2008 (Psychologist - West Street School[1], retired[2])
  • Mrs. Arlene F. McDermott–2008-2009 (Assistant Principal - West Street School, named Principal of North Street School)

Selected former assistant principalsEdit

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