Southern Cayuga High School
Poplar Ridge
Cayuga County, NY, USA,
Type public
Grades 9-12
Athletics Soccer, basketball, swimming, baseball, golf, field hockey (girls), tennis
Newspaper The Source

Southern Cayuga High School is a rural secondary school (grades 7-12) in Poplar Ridge, Cayuga County, New York.

SCHS is operated by Southern Cayuga Central School District.

In 2003 it had some 585 students and 45 teachers. The student body was 98% white, and 24% were eligible for free lunch, higher than the state average of 15%. Its New York State School Report Card reports that it exceeded all three required standards (graduation in English and Mathematics, and dropout rate) in 2001.

The school's student-produced newspaper is called The Source, and is associated with a one-semester journalism class.

Recently the school has experienced mold problems that have caused health problems for students and teachers.

Southern Cayuga is one of eleven places in the United States that will receive a sapling from the tree outside of Anne Frank's house.Template:Fix

Selected former principals Edit

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parentheses

  • Ms. Mimi Trudeau[1][2]
  • Mr. James De Rusha–2002[2]-2003[3]
  • Mr. Dennis Farnsworth–2003[3]-2005[4]
  • Mrs. Karen Simon–2005[4]-2006[5] (Principal - Southern Cayuga Middle School[6], named Assistant Principal of North Street School)

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