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Sidney Central School District is a school district in Sidney, New York, United States. The superintendent is Sandy Cooper. The district operates three schools: Sidney High School, Sidney Middle School, and Sidney Elementary School.

Administration Edit

The district offices are located at 95 West Main Street. The current superintendent is Ms. Sandra Cooper.

Current administrators Edit

  • Ms. Sandra M. Cooper–Superintendent
  • Ms. Kathryn Bailey–Curriculum Coordinator
  • Ms. Jacqueline Foster–Assistant Superintendent for Business
  • Mr. Eric R. Race–Director of Physical Education, Athletics, & Aquatics
  • Ms. Joy Rupert–Interim Director of Special Education
  • Mr. Robert Holt–Director of Buildings and Grounds
  • Ms. Diane Whitten–Director of School Lunch Program
  • Mr. Michael Blincoe–Director of Transportation[1]

Board of Education Edit

  • Ms. Nancy K. Parsons–President
  • Ms. Catherine M. Treffeisen–Vice President
  • Ms. Kimberly A. Ayres
  • Mr. Eric J. Brandl
  • Ms. Kerri G. Insinga
  • Mr. Loni Terpolilli
  • Mr. Gary J. Schoonover
  • Ms. Terri L. Theobald[2]

History Edit

Selected former superintendents Edit

  • Mr. Dominic A. Nuciforo, Sr.–?-2005[3][4]

Sidney High School Edit

Sidney High School
Principal Eben Bullock
Grades 9-12

Sidney High School is located at 95 West Main Street and serves grades 9 through 12. The current principal is Mr. Eben Bullock.

History Edit

Selected former principals Edit

  • Mr. Timothy J. Turecek–?-2004[5][6]
  • Ms. Annette Hammond–2004[6]-2010[7]

Sidney Middle School Edit

Sidney Middle School
Principal Corey Green
Grades 6-8
Dean of Students Robert Hansen

Sidney Middle School is located at 13 Pearl Street East and serves grades 6 through 8. The current principal is Mr. James Walters.

History Edit

Former principals Edit

Previous assignment and reason fr departure denoted in parentheses

  • Mr. Gerald Rhodes[8] (Unknown, named Principal of Sidney Elementary School)
  • Mr. Allen P. Bilofsky–2000[9]-2007 (Assistant Principal - Felix Festa Middle School[10], retired[11])
  • Mr. James Walters–2007-2010

Sidney Elementary School Edit

Sidney Elementary School
Principal Corey Green
Grades K-5

Sidney Elementary School is located at 15 Pearl Street East and serves grades K through 5. The current principal is Mr. Corey Green.

History Edit

Selected former principalsEdit

  • Mr. Stephen C. Paranya[12]
  • Mr. Peter Stewart–?-2006[13]

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