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Montabella Community School District is a school district serving Edmore and Blanchard Michgain, United States. The superintendent is Mr. Ron Farrell. The district operates two schools: Montella Junior/Senior High School and Montabella Elementary.

Administration Edit

The district offices are located at 302 West Main Street in Edmore. As of 2010, the Superintendent is Ron Farrell.[1]

Administrators Edit

  • Mr. Ron Farrell –Superintendent
  • Mr. Mark Hibbins–Business Manager
  • Ms. Joie Rose–Bookkeeper
  • Ms. Patti Hicks–Assistant Bookkeeper
  • Ms. Jacki Fredricks–Curriculum Director/Technology Coordinator[1]

Board of Education Edit

  • Mr. Tim Eldred–President
  • Mr. Chris Rasmussen–Vice President
  • Ms. Emily Longnecker–Secretary
  • Mr. Bryan Smith–Treasurer
  • Ms. Jann LaPointe–Trustee
  • Mr. Kevin VanDePerre–Trustee
  • Mr. Dennis Stratton–Trustee
  • Ms. Rachel White–Student Representative
  • Mr. Ethan VanDePerre–Student Representative

Selected Former Superintendents Edit

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parentheses

Montabella High School Edit

Montabella High School
Principal Shane Riley
Staff 9
Teaching staff 26
Grades 7-12
Language English
Fight song "Cheer-Cheer for Old MHS"
Athletic Director Shelly Millis
Counselor Judy Severson

Montabella Junior/Senior High School is located at 1324 East North County Line Road in Blanchard, and serves grades 7 through 12. The current principal is Mr. Shane Riley.

Montabella Elementary Edit

Montabella Elementary School
Type Public, Coeducational
Principal Shelly Millis
Grades K-6

Montabella Elementary is located at 1456 East North County Line Road and serves grades K through 6. The current principal is Ms. Shelly Millis.

References Edit

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