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Mexico Academy & Central School District is a school district in Mexico, New York, United States. The superintendent is Mr. Nelson Bauersfeld.

The district operates five schools: Mexico High School, Mexico Middle School, Mexico Elementary, New Haven Elementary and Palermo Elementary.

District Edit

The District offices are located 40 Academy Street in Mexico. The current Superintendent is Mr. Nelson Bauserfeld[1].

Administration Edit

  • Mr. Nelson Bauserfeld–Superintendent
  • Ms. Mary Beth Horn–Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessments and Professional Learning
  • Mr. John Allman–Executive Director of Personnel and Educational Services
  • Mr. Daniel Dupee–Executive Director of Business and Management Services

Board of Education Edit

  • Ms. Janice Clark–President (2012)
  • Mr. Russell Patrick–Vice President (2010)
  • Mr. Eric Behling (2012)
  • Mr. James Emery (2011)
  • Mr. Joseph Godfrey (2010)
  • Ms. Merrilee Gorton (2011)
  • Ms. Darlene Upcraft (2011)
  • Ms. Molly Freihofer (2010)

Selected Former Superintendents Edit

  • Mr. Michael Havens
  • Mr. G. Scott Hunter–?-2005[2]
  • Mr. Michael A. Maroun–2005-2006[3]

Mexico High School Edit

Mexico High School
Principal Donald A. Root
Vice principal James Busco
Chief custodian Mark McCarty
Staff 123
Faculty 68
Grades 9-12
Newspaper The Talkative
Yearbook The Mexiconian
Athletic Director Randall Barnes

Mexico High School is located at 3338 Main Street and serves grades 9 through 12. The current principal is Mr. Donald Root, and the current assistant principal is Mr James Busco.

History Edit

Selected former principals Edit

  • Mr. Gary Smith–?-2003
  • Ms. Jeannie Henry–2003-2006
  • Ms. Judith Belfield–2006-2008

Selected former assistant principals Edit

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parentheses

Mexico Middle School Edit

Mexico Middle School
Principal Kimberly D. Holliday
Asst. Principal Dola Delloff
Staff 107
Teaching staff 64
Grades 5-8

Mexico Middle School is located at 16 Fravor Road and serves grades 5 through 8. The current principal is Mrs. Kimberly Holliday, and the current assistant principal is Ms. Dola Deloff.

History Edit

Selected Former Principals Edit

  • Mr. William Kamalsky–?-2006

Mexico Elementary School Edit

Mexico Elementary School
Principal Robert Briggs
Staff 56
Teaching staff 33
Grades PK-4

Mexico Elementary School is located at 26 Academy Street and serves grades K through 4. The current principal is Mr. Robert Briggs[5].

History Edit

Selected former principals Edit

  • Ms. Carol Pallas
  • Ms. Judith Belfield–?-2006
  • Mr. Nick Piulizzi–2006-2009

New Haven Elementary Edit

New Haven Elementary
Principal Daniel Packard
Staff 38
Teaching staff 21
Grades K-4

New Haven Elementary is located at 4320 State Route 104 and serves grades K through 4. The current principal is Mr. Daniel Packard.

History Edit

Selected former principals Edit

  • Mrs. Ann Pia
  • Mrs. Catherine Fritts Carros–?-2011

Palermo Elementary Edit

Palermo Elementary
Principal Margaret "Peggy" Scorzelli
Staff 47
Teaching staff 22
Grades K-4

Palermo Elementary is located at 1638 County Route 45 in Fulton and serves grades K through 4. The current principal is Mrs. Margaret Scorzelli.

History Edit

Selected former principals Edit

  • Ms. Jane Fargo
  • Mr. Louis Carbone–?-2004
  • Mary Sylvester–2004-2006

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