Kensington High School
The Kensington High School building in Spring 2011
319 Suffolk Street
Buffalo, New York, Erie, 14215
Type Public
Opened 1937
Status Closed
Closed 2004
School board Buffalo Public Schools
School number 203
Grades 9-12

Kensington High School is a former high school located in Buffalo, New York. The building, located at 319 Suffolk Streetin Buffalo, currently serves home to Frederick Law Olmstead Academy.

History Edit

The building was constructed in 1937 and ran for 67 years. The school was closed in 2004 due to poor academic performance and increasing student violence. The school would later house the Frederick Law Olmstead program, although the building is currently being renovated by LPCiminelli.

Selected former principals Edit

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parenthesis

  • Mr. Thomas J. McDonnell–1937-1947
  • Mr. Charles J. Monan–1947-1950 (Vice Principal - Kensington High School, returned to teaching at South Park High School[1])
  • Mr. John M. Chassin–1950-1955 (Vice Principal - Kensington High School, unknown)
  • Mr. Garnett F. Roberts–1955-1956
  • Mr. Frank J. Kelly–1957-1966
  • Mr. Angelo J. Gianturco–1966-1981 (Vice Principal - Grover Cleveland High School, named Principal of City Honors School)
  • Mr. Gerald H. Hesson
  • Mr. Stanley Wegrzynowski
  • Mr. Mark L. Balen–1986-1990 (Vice Principal - Seneca Comprehensive High School, named Principal of Seneca Comprehensive High School)
  • Ms. Yvonne Hargrove–1990-1993 (Principal - Kensington Prep, named Assistant Superintendent for Integreation of Buffalo Public Schools)
  • Mr. Robert M. Barton–1993-2001 (Principal - Buffalo Alternative High School, named Principal of Seneca Vocational High School)
  • Dr. Eileen H. Czarnecki–2001 (Assistant Principal - Grover Cleveland High School, named Acting Principal of E.C.C. 90)
  • Ms. Geraldine Horton–2001-2003 (Principal - Buffalo Vocational Technical Center, school closed)

Selected former assistant principals Edit

Previous assignments and reason for departure denoted in parentheses

Administration Edit

Year Superintendent Principal Asst. Principal
1957-1958 Frank Kelly Louis Masson
1958-1959 Frank Kelly Louis Masson
1959-1960 Frank Kelly Louis Masson
1960-1961 Frank Kelly Louis Masson
1961-1962 Frank Kelly Louis Masson
1969-1970 Angelo Gianturco Bill Blomberg Charlie Sadaro
1978-1979 Gerald Hesson Daniel Krzesinski Tom Cosgrove
1980-1981 Euegne Reville Gerald Hesson Daniel Krzesinski Fritz Hessel
1988-1989 Euegne Reville Mark Balen James Christmann
1989-1990 Eugene Reville Mark Balen Elzie Fisher
1995-1996 Albert Thompson Bob Barton Gary Lopez
2001-2002 Marion Canedo Czarnecki/Horton Jim Pautler Carlos Villaroel
2002-2003 Marion Canedo Geraldine Horton Bill Kresse

References Edit