Fillmore Central School
104 Main Street
Fillmore, New York
Motto "Enter to Learn, Go Forth To Serve"
School district Fillmore Central School District
Superintendent Martin D. Cox
Principal Martin D. Cox (PreK-4)
Kyle Faulkner (5-12)
Faculty 70
Grades Pre-K-12
Hours in school day 6
Athletics Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Skiing, Basketball, Wrestling, Softball, Baseball, Track and Field, Golf
Yearbook The Crest

Fillmore Central School is a school in Allegany County, New York that serves grades Pre-K to Grade 12. The Superintendent/Principal of Grades PreK-4 is Mr. Martin Cox, and the Principal of Grades 5-12 is Mr. Kyle Faulkner.

Administration Edit

School Officials Edit

  • Mr. Martin D. Cox–Superintendent/Principal Grades PreK-4
  • Mr. Kyle Faulkner–Principal Grades 5-12
  • Mr. William Kelley–Guidance Counselor
  • Ms. Debbie Woltag–School Psychologist
  • Mr. Thomas Ricketts–Business Manager
  • Dr. Wendy Butler–Curriculum Director/Chairwoman of Committee on Special Education
  • Ms. Leslie Rose–Director of Transportation
  • Ms. Stacy Parmenter–Director of Student Health
  • Ms. Gina Baker–Technology Coordinator

Board of Education Edit

  • Mr. Thomas Parameter–President
  • Mr. Paul Cronk–Vice President
  • Ms. Sherri Sherlock
  • Ms. Judy Hodnett
  • Mr. Marcus Dean

History Edit

Selected former superintendents Edit

Previous assignment and reasons for departure denoted in parantheses

  • Mr. David Hanks–?-2007 (unknown, retired)

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