Crown Point Central School
2758 Main Street
Crown Point, New York, Essex County, 12928
Type Public Coeducational
School district Crown Point Central School District
Superintendent Shari Brannock
Principal Agatha Mace
Chief custodian John Bezon
Faculty 30
Grades Pre-K-12

Crown Point Central School is a school in Essex County, New York that serves grades Pre-K to Grade 12. The Superintendent is Ms. Shari Brannock, and the Principal is Ms. Agatha Mace.

Administration Edit

School Officials Edit

  • Ms. Shari Brannock–Superintendent
  • Ms. Agatha Mace–Principal
  • Ms. Margot Anello–School Psychologist
  • Ms. Jill Spring–District Tax Collector
  • Ms. Victoria Tuthill-Russell–District Treasurer[1]

Board of Education Edit

  • Mr. Mitch St Pierre–President
  • Ms. Jacalyn Popp–Vice President
  • Ms. Julie Budwick
  • Ms. Kimberly Woods
  • Mr. Kevin Gadway
  • Mr. Kenneth LaDeau
  • Ms. Sharon Reynolds[1]

History Edit

Selected former superintendents Edit

Previous assignment and reason for departure noted in parentheses

  • Mr. Boyd McKendrick[2]–?-2003[3]
  • Mr. James M. Bier–2003[3]-2004[4]

Selected former principals Edit

  • Mr. Michael Stuart[5]

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