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The Clyde-Savannah Central School District is a public school district in New York State, USA that serves approximately 1100 students in the villages of Clyde, New York and Savannah, New York in Wayne County, New York|Wayne County.[1][2]

The average class size is 17 students(all grades).[3]

Dr. Theresa Pulos is the Superintendent of Schools.[1]

Administration/Board of EducationEdit

The Board of Education (BOE) consists of 9 members who serve rotating 3-year terms. Elections are held each May for board members and to vote on the School District Budget.

  • Mr. Patrick Crowe, President
  • Ms. Sandi Bastedo, 1st Vice President
  • Mr. David Aldrich, 2nd Vice President
  • Mr. Thomas Caprilla
  • Mr. Anthony Carnevale
  • Mr. Edward Carr
  • Ms. Kathleen Malone
  • Mr. Robert Montemorano
  • Mr. Walt Votra[1]

Former superintendentsEdit

  • Dr. George Batterson–?-2001
  • Mr. Paul R. Doyle–2001–2004
  • Mr. Richard A. Drahms–2004–2006
  • Ms. Marilyn Barr–2006–2009


The District's 82% graduation rate exceeds the State Standard of 55%.[3]

High schoolEdit

Clyde-Savannah Junior Senior High School
Principal Craig Pawlak
Grades 7-12
Hours in school day 6
Team name Golden Eagles
Dean of Students Larry Hartwell

Clyde-Savannah Junior/Senior High School is located at 215 Glasgow Street and serves grades 7 through 12. The current principal is Dr. Craig Pawlak.[4]


Selected former principalsEdit

  • Mr. Anthony Patanzo–?-2005
  • Mr. Matthew Motala–2005–2006

Selected former Dean of Students/AthleticsEdit

Savannah Elementary SchoolEdit

Savannah Elementary
Type Public, Coeducational
Principal Belinda Crowe
Grades 5-6
Hours in school day 6

Savannah Elementary School is located on School Street in Savannah, New York and serves grades 5 and 6. The current principal is Ms. Belinda Crowe.


Former principalsEdit

Reason for departure denoted in parentheses

Clyde ElementaryEdit

Clyde Elementary
Type Public, Coeducational
Principal Tom Castellano
Grades K-4
Hours in school day 6

Clyde Elementary School is located at 212 East DeZeng Street and serves grades PreK through 4. The current principal is Mr. Thomas Castellano.


Selected former principalsEdit

  • Mr. James Sebring–?-2000
  • Mr. William Schmidt–2000–2009

Selected former assistant principals Edit

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parentheses

Other informationEdit

In April 2008, the district won a Safety Excellence award from the school system's prime insurer, Utica National. Of 340 schools, 54 of them –including Clyde-Savannah– received Titanium Plus status and a $500 award. To earn the award, the district documented 124 safety-related items. Dean of Students Larry Hartwell says, "We've practiced just about everything in the emergency handbook...." The state-mandated Emergency Management Plan includes detailed procedures for bomb threats, chemical spills on the railway in Clyde and severe weather. Clyde-Savannah schools have been set up with the Red Cross to act as emergency centers. If the schools must be evacuated, the district would set up a command post in the bus garage, sending all phone lines through there. If a chemical spill were to occur, the schools can immediately close all air-circulation systems that draw in outside air.[5]


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