Burgard Vocational High School
Burgard Vocational High School
Humanity, Integrity, Scholarship
400 Kensington Avenue
Buffalo, New York, Erie County, 14214
United States
Coordinates Coordinates: 42.55-44.14-North 78-50-10.61-West
Type Public, Coeducational, Vocational school
Established 1929
Status Persistently Lowest-Achieving
School district Buffalo Public Schools
Superintendent Amber M. Dixon (interim)
School number 301
Principal Brian M. Wiesinger
Assistant principals Andre D. Thomas
Lorenda D. Williams
Staff 75
Faculty 45
Grades 9-12
Hours in school day 7
Classrooms 47
Campus size 5 Acres
Campus Urban
Athletics Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Softball, Track and Field, Volleyball
Mascot Bulldogs
Administrative Aide Michael O. Payton

Burgard Vocational High School is a vocational high school located in Buffalo, New York, USA. It holds about 800 students from Grades 9 - 12 and teaches according to the Board of Regents. The current Principal is Mr. Brian Wiesinger, and the current Assistant Principals are Mr. Andre Thomas and Ms. Lorenda Williams[1].

Academics Edit

Burgard offers Regents level courses as required by New York State. Burgard's curriculum includes a career and technical component in classes such as Automotive Repair Technology, Virtual Enterprise, Welding, Computer-aided design & CAM Robotics, and Building Management[2].

2010 controversy Edit

In 2010, Burgard was placed on New York State's list of consistently low-achieving high schools in the state. The school's current graduation rate is 44%, below state standards, and saw a drop in on test scores on Regents exams in all subject areas except Earth science[3] New state requirements state that schools on the list that do not show improvement must either convert to a charter school, replace the building principal and at least 50% of its staff, create incentive pay for high-performing staff and implement staff development for teachers that do not, or close entirely[4]. Superintendent James Williams initially announced that he would keep Principal Florence Schmiert-Krieter in place at Burgard despite the fact that doing so would cost the school and district federal funds[5], approximately two million dollars per year for three years[6]. Following a visit by the state education department, Williams announced that he would remove Krieter as well as the principals at two other Buffalo high schools[7], with the changes taking effect October 15, 2010[8]. Around that time, it was announced that Burgard had failed to meet the requirements for those grants, and would not receive that funding[9].

Schedule Edit

Period Number/Activity Beginning Bell End Bell
Breakfast 7:25 7:55
Breakfast 7:35 7:47
Period 1 7:55 8:55
Period 2 8:58 9:58
Period 3 10:01 11:01
1st Lunch 11:04 11:32
Period 4A* 11:37 12:38
Period 4B-1& 11:04 11:32
2nd Lunch 11:37 12:05
Period 4B-2& 12:10 12:38
Period 4C^ 11:04 12:05
Activity Period 2:25 3:00
3rd Lunch 12:10 12:38
Period 5 12:41 1:41
Period 6 12:44 1:44

* For students with 1st Lunch & For students with 2nd Lunch ^ For students with 3rd Lunch

History Edit

The school was founded in 1910 as a combined printing class between Public School #5 and Public School #44 on Elm Street in Buffalo. In 1914, it became known as the Elm Technical School. A $1,000,000 construction project was begun to construct a new facility for the school, with the land being donated by Henry P. Burgard[10].

In 2009, a renovation was completed on the school that expanded the main office and created new science and computer labs, technology shops, and renovation to the automobile shops. Locker rooms were also expanded[11].

Selected former principals Edit

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parentheses

  • Mr. William B. Kamprath–1914-1953[12]. (Principal - Elm Vocational School, retired)
  • Mr. Joseph F. Crotty–1953-1970 (Vice Principal - Burgard Vocational High School, passed away)
  • Mr. J. Patrick Curry–1970-1984 (Vice Principal - Seneca Vocational High School, retired)[13]
  • Mr. James F. Harmon–1984-1986 (Principal - McKinley Vocational High School, retired)
  • Mr. John J. Mattimore–1986-1988 (Principal - South Park High School, retired[14])
  • Mr. Rocco A. Lamparelli–1988-1990 (Supervising Principal - Buffalo Public Schools' Secondary Schools, retired)
  • Mr. Thomas P. Kopera–1990-2002[15] (Vice Principal - Lafayette High School, retired)
  • Mr. James J. Pautler–2002-2006[16] (Vice Principal - Kensington High School, assigned to Buffalo Public Schools' Office of Shared Accountability)
  • Mr. Carlos J. Villarroel [interim]–2006-2007 (Vice Principal - Burgard High School, named Assistant Principal of Frank A. Sedita Academy)
  • Mrs. Florence S. Krieter–2007-2010 (Interim Assistant Principal - Burgard High School, assigned to Buffalo Schools' Department of School Turnarounds[17])
  • Ms. Genelle E. Morris-Adams–2010 [interim] (Director of Data Analysis - Buffalo Public Schools[7], returned to District Office)

Selected former assistant principals Edit


Former Burgard principal Florence Krieter speaks while assistant administrator Barbara Carson Jones looks on at an Academic/Athletic Pep Rally in Fall 2008

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parentheses

  • Mr. Laverne H. Engel–1932-1937
  • Mr. Joseph M. Crotty[12]–1948-1953 (unknown, named Principal of Burgard Vocational High School)
  • Dr. William Sharp–?-1962
  • Mr. Archie Rouselle–1962-1972? (Teacher - McKinley Vocational High School, unknown)
  • Mr. Thomas F. Cosgrove [interim]–1969-1970 (Math teacher - Burgard High School, returned to teaching)
  • Mr. Salvatore Sedita
  • Mr. Jack L. Miligore (Guidance Counselor - Burgard High School, unknown)
  • Mr. Joseph T. Schmidle (unknown, named Director of Manpower Development for Buffalo Public Schools Board of Education)
  • Mr. Don Brusky [interim]–1989-1990
  • Mr. Thomas Aquino–1990-? (Deputy Youth Director - City of Buffalo, named Supervisor of Personnel/Teacher Aides for Buffalo City Schools)
  • Mr. Leonard J. Carfley–?-1993
  • Mrs. Aloma D. Johnson
  • Mrs. Mary A. Craig–?-2003 (Unknown, named Assistant Principal of Grover Cleveland High School)
  • Mr. Carlos Villarroel[18]–2003-2006 (Assistant Principal - Grover Cleveland High School, named Interim Principal of Burgard High School)
  • Mrs. Denise E. Clarke–2003-2005[18] (ESL Teacher - Burgard High School[19], named Assistant Principal of Frederick Law Olmstead[19])
  • Mrs. Florence Schmiert Krieter [interim]–2006-2007 (Social Studies Teacher - Burgard High School, named Interim Principal of Burgard High School)
  • Mr. Bert L. Stevenson–2007-2008 (Director of Special Services - Buffalo Public Schools, named Assistant Principal of Bennett High School[20])
  • Dr. Barbara J. Carson-Jones–2008-2010 (Principal - Seneca Vocational High School[20], retired[21])

Selected former administrators Edit

Year Superintendent Principal Asst. Principal
1958-1959 Joe Crotty Bill Sharp
1959-1960 Joe Crotty Bill Sharp
1960-1961 Joe Crotty Bill Sharp
1961-1962 Joe Crotty Bill Sharp
1962-1963 Joe Crotty Archie Rouselle
1963-1964 Joe Crotty Archie Rouselle
1964-1965 Joe Crotty Archie Rouselle
1965-1966 Joe Crotty Archie Rouselle
1967-1968 Joe Crotty Archie Rouselle
1969-1970 Joseph Mench Joe Crotty Archie Rouselle Tom Cosgrove
1970-1971 Joseph Mench Pat Curry Archie Rouselle
1971-1972 Joseph Mench Pat Curry Archie Rouselle
1972-1973 Joseph Mench Pat Curry
1973-1974 Joseph Mench Pat Curry
1974-1975 Joseph Mench Pat Curry
1975-1976 Eugene Reville Pat Curry
1976-1977 Eugene Reville Pat Curry
1977-1978 Eugene Reville Pat Curry
1978-1979 Eugene Reville Pat Curry
1979-1980 Eugene Reville Pat Curry
1980-1981 Eugine Reville Pat Curry
1981-1982 Eugene Reville Pat Curry
1982-1983 Eugene Reville Pat Curry
1983-1984 Eugene Reville Pat Curry
1984-1985 Eugene Reville Jim Harmon
1985-1986 Eugene Reville Jim Harmon
1986-1987 Eugene Reville John Mattimore
1987-1988 Eugene Reville John Mattimore
1989-1990 Eugene Reville Rocco Lamparelli
1990-1991 Alfred Thompson Tom Kopera
1991-1992 Alfred Thompson Tom Kopera Leo Carfley
1992-1993 Alfred Thompson Tom Kopera Leo Carfley
1993-1994 Alfred Thompson Tom Kopera Aloma Johnson
1994-1995 Alfred Thompson Tom Kopera Aloma Johnson
1995-1996 Alfred Thompson Tom Kopera Aloma Johnson
1996-1997 Jim Harris Tom Kopera Aloma Johnson
1997-1998 Jim Harris Tom Kopera Aloma Johnson
1998-1999 Jim Harris Tom Kopera Aloma Johnson
1999-2000 Jim Harris Tom Kopera Mary Craig
2000-2001 Marion Canedo Tom Kopera Mary Craig
2001-2002 Marion Canedo Tom Kopera Mary Craig
2002-2003 Marion Canedo Jim Paulter Mary Craig
2003-2004 Marion Canedo Jim Pautler Carlos Villaroel Denise Clarke*
2004-2005 Yvonne Hargrave* Jim Pautler Carlos Villaroel Denise Clarke
2005-2006 James Williams Jim Pautler Carlos Villaroel
2006-2007 James Williams Carlos Villaroel* Florence Krieter*
2007-2008 James Williams Florence Krieter Bert Stevenson
2008-2009 James Williams Florence Krieter Barb Jones
2009-2010 James Williams Florence Krieter Barb Jones
2010-2011 James Williams Morris*/Wiesinger Andre Thomas Lorenda Williams
2011-2012 Amber Dixon* Brian Wiesinger Andre Thomas Lorenda Williams

*Denotes interim appointment

Notable alumni Edit

  • Andre Coleman–Canadian Football League defensive lineman of the Edmonton Eskimos
  • Brian C. Davis–Member of Buffalo, NY City Council

References Edit

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