Academy Program 131 @ 40 and 44
89 Clare Street
1369 Broadway

Buffalo, NY
Buffalo, New York, Erie County, 14206

United States
Type Public, Coeducational
School district Buffalo Public Schools
Superintendent Amber M. Dixon (interim)
School number 131
Principal Michael J. Mogavero
Elzie J. Fisher
Nathaniel McCrea
Asst. Principal Rafael Mercado
Grades 1-12
Campus Urban

The Academy School is an alternative high school program that services the Buffalo City School District. It serves students who are suspended long-term from the district's other high schools, and is located at the sites that formerly housed Lincoln Academy and School 44. The current principals are Mr. Michael Mogavero, Mr. Elzie Fisher, and Mr. Nathaniel McCrea, and the current assistant principal is Mr. Rafael Mercado.

History Edit

For many years, Buffalo Alternative High School was located at 268 Oak Street in Buffalo, but was closed. The new alternative program began in 2006 and was operated through a firm called Resultech. That program was dissolved in 2008 due to backlash from administrators and students.

The school usually has two campuses, one at 1369 Broadway Street, and the other at 1409 East Delevan Avenue. Due to the fact that the East Deleven site is currently being used as the temporary site of E.C.C. 61, this satellite is now housed at 89 Clare Street in Buffalo.

Former principals Edit

Former assistant principals Edit

Former administrators Edit

Year Superintendent Principal Principal Asst. Principal Asst. Principal
2006-2007 James Williams Baines/Mott Covington/Morris Hunley/Houston
2007-2008 James Williams Greg Mott Mike Morris Denise Houston
2008-2009 James Williams Greg Mott Mike Morris
2009-2010 James Williams Greg Mott Elzie Fisher Mike Morris
2010-2011 James Williams Casey Young Elzie Fisher Rafael Mercado
2011-2012 Amber Dixon* Mike Mogavero Elzie Fisher Rafael Mercado

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